Making a difference

There’s more to Trident than finance. When we’re not helping our clients find the best loan for their business, we’re working to Change the One. Trident’s a proud supporter and sponsor of Change the One, a charity that works to assistance to remote communities in Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

Change the One was founded by Trident’s Executive Director Peter Nicholls after he saw the devastation a Tsunami caused in Papua New Guinea back in 1997.

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The Vision

That every man woman & child has the opportunity to be the best they can be, in their own local environment through education and the availability of the basic necessities of food, water & medical attention - so they can grow and assist their fellow man.

The Purpose

Change the One works to provide on-going relief, care and assistance to people and communities in remote areas of Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and other countries in South East Asia and the Pacific Regions suffering the long-term effects of Agent Orange, lack of consumable water and sustainable food supplies.

The Missions

Change the One calls our projects, missions. They involve planning, management, physical work, resources and coordination of volunteers in locations overseas. Our first missions were in Papua New Guinea and more recently they have been focused on assisting communities in Vietnam, building schools and community centres.


Help Change the one

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